Medical integration platform

What’s your competitive advantage from your competitors?
Our focus is the private market, all processes in the program are designed to improve and optimize the client's current result
We take the best exciting tools in the market and quickly integrate them into the client's business
I already have an MIS/LIS/CRM, how is the transition going?
80% of our clients are former clients of top medical systems. We have established the transfer of all the main entities of the program(customer base, employees, contractors, etc.)
Does the program fit my business flows?
Medcloud is a flexible platform that consists of many blocks. Cubes are business processes of varying complexity. They can be flexibly combined with each other and building your own architecture
Where is the program located?
The program can be located both on your server (local and cloud) and on our cloud server, it all depends on your wishes and capabilities
How much is the program costs?
Our tariffication is one of the most flexible and profitable. We have several tariff plans: freemium demo version, payment for program license, SAAS payment for monthly use