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Any size automatization of clinics and laboratories

Medcloud combine existing software into a single ecosystem and modernize it with up-to-date digital tools



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Are you overlooking strategic questions in a stream of eternal urgent requests? Nobody follows the company's regulations and business processes, or don't they exist at all?? There are so many accounting programs that you are already confused which one is responsible for what? Has the preparation of full-fledged management reporting become a mega task? Find out more about the possibilities of MedcloudMIS - optimize costs and increase your income by 5-10%!
The call center is overloaded with the same type of questions like “where are my results”? Do you use automatic SMS / Email notifications, online sales, upsells (recommendations), clinic / client personal cabinets? Automate laboratory processes and add a WOW effect to your work. Find out how to grow 2-3 times faster than the market with MedcloudLIS!
Personal account
Do you know the level of satisfaction of your customers (NPS)? Does the patient interact with the clinic after an out-of-clinic visit? Does the client have 24/7 access to their medical records? Increase LifeTime Value by 20% and bring outstanding service to your patients with Medcloud!
Личный кабинет
Online ordering of analyzes
Are you dreaming of shortening the checkout time? See how nurses can't find the test they need and offer additional ones? The client can't get tested incognito and has to “blush” at registration? Increase the throughput of your blood sampling points by 30% and the average check from 5%, using the advantages of online ordering and payment from Medcloud!
Онлайн заказ анализов
Online appointment
Is the call center overloaded? Do you lose new records in the stream of endless patient requests? Are you planning to hire new operators? Increase your call center throughput by 20% - implement an efficient funnel using an online appointment with online payment option!
Онлайн запись на прием
Telemedicine platform
Quarantine will not stop your business if you implement telemedicine services into your practice on time! Start to consult patients from all over the world, regardless of their location. The telemedicine platform with online payments from Medcloud will allow you to quickly launch a new turnkey direction.
Телемедицинская платформа
Hardware integration
Have you already spent tens of thousands of dollars on modern equipment, and employees continue to duplicate data on a piece of paper? Is the integration of new equipment into existing processes endlessly delayed?
Connect the equipment to the Medcloud platform and receive a stream of digitized data into medical protocols or patient records.
Интеграция оборудования
Get new customers with pre-made and paid orders. Use the service of automatic additional sales - increase the average check by 10-20%. Present your laboratory in a favorable light on the website
Integration with third-party services/applicationsи
You can't be the best at everything. The Medcloud platform makes it possible to use the best services in the industry from 1C to IP telephony. Build business processes of any complexity and combine all programs in one interface with the Medcloud integration platform
Интеграция со сторонними сервисами/приложениями

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What’s your competitive advantage from your competitors?
Our focus is the private market, all processes in the program are designed to improve and optimize the client's current result
We take the best exciting tools in the market and quickly integrate them into the client's business
I already have an MIS/LIS/CRM, how is the transition going?
80% of our clients are former clients of top medical systems. We have established the transfer of all the main entities of the program(customer base, employees, contractors, etc.)
Does the program fit my business flows?
Medcloud is a flexible platform that consists of many blocks. Cubes are business processes of varying complexity. They can be flexibly combined with each other and building your own architecture
Where is the program located?
The program can be located both on your server (local and cloud) and on our cloud server, it all depends on your wishes and capabilities
How much is the program costs?
Our tariffication is one of the most flexible and profitable. We have several tariff plans: freemium demo version, payment for program license, SAAS payment for monthly use